Upward and Onward

A person looking at a chalk board that reads "look forward"

Most writers may agree that sometimes the most difficult step in the writing process is simply getting started. I have to admit, I fall victim to this obstacle on occasion as well, but I’d like to practice breaking through this barrier. After all, writing has been my passion since high school and it can feel both rewarding and therapeutic to express ideas through words.

A thought I have pondered during my hiatus from posting on this website:

  • Where do I want this project to go? What direction should I take my writing and web design in?

Initially, this site was created and maintained for a college course of mine titled Word, Web, and Design. We were instructed to create a personal blog focusing on one specific topic that we were passionate or knowledgeable about. Anyone stumbling upon this page may conclude that my chosen topic involved films and media classified under the horror/thriller genre.

Recently, with my new motivation to revive this blog, I want to experiment with any topic that incites my inspiration to write. This will not only make it easier and more enjoyable to get started each time but should also let me practice different styles of writing in a wide variety of subject matter.

Until next time, when inspiration strikes


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