The Ring – 7 days…

The Ring (2002)

At the time, The Ring was popularly labeled as one of the scariest movies that had ever been released. I remember my friends and family members would not stop talking about how terrifying it was. I did not actually watch it until a few years later when my interest in films really began, and I had no idea what I was missing.

This movie is what nightmares are made of, folks. If you are easily scared, do not expect to get a good night’s sleep after watching The Ring. Characters stumble across and watch a VHS tape with chilling images 7 days prior to their brutal death. As if we needed one more reason to not use VHS anymore.

Interestingly, the director, Gore Verbinski, also created three of the Pirates of the Caribbean films as well, so he has quite a range of skill.

I highly recommend The Ring to anyone looking for a decently horrifying movie to watch. However, I suggest you avoid the sequel, The Ring 2. You will be disappointed if you enjoyed the first movie. The Ring 3 is rumored to be coming out soon, so keep your eyes open for a release date within the next year or two.

Horror: 8/10

Type: Creepy

Overall: 7/10

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