The House has Eyes

The Hills House has Eyes

The Amityville Horror(1979)

I have been running out of modern movies to watch, since the past few years of my life have consisted of seeing almost strictly horror genre films. As a result, I will be focusing on movies from earlier decades, like the sixties, seventies and eighties.   Today, we will discuss The Amityville Horror (1979) which most film fanatics have seen or at least heard of.

Directed by Stuart Rosenberg, it features a man and woman who move into a new house that surprisingly cheap (shocker) due to the previous owners being murdered inside. Naturally, the house is haunted. It is actually based on factual murders. Ed and Lorraine Warren, the ghost hunters featured in “The Conjuring” ended up investigating the house following accusations of paranormal activity in the house.

[Spoilers] Brace yourself, because this one gets bloody quite quickly. And you can rest easily while watching, because I will reveal the most important fact for some people about this movie: The dog does NOT die! There seemed to be an extensive amount of sexual content in this one, possibly good news for some of you. Also, I hope you all like awkward eye contact because the camera loves to focus on the husband’s eyes as they become more evil-looking through the movie.

Overall, the movie felt very similar the The Shining that would be released one year later in 1980. I would assume there was a slight amount of influence between directors, or possibly just trends from the time period in horror films. I will have to watch more from this era and report back!   Horror: 4 Type: Creepy Rating: 5

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