The Exorcist

The Exorcist (1973)

Adapted from a novel by William Peter Blatty, The Exorcist is not just a movie; its an experience full of shocking imagery, cringe-worthy scenes, and symbolic characterization. One of the main messages that I took away from the film was the contradictory battle between good and evil in which both sides seem to win and lose simultaneously.

Here is one of the papers I wrote regarding narrative style in The Exorcist. Avoid reading it before seeing the film unless you do not mind spoilers.                 Narrative Perversity in The Exorcist

One small semi-spoiler here: the most frightening moment for me had nothing to do with demons or spirits in the film. Surprisingly, I actually always have to look away when Regan,  the twelve year old girl has to get some medical procedures done in a doctor’s office. Without giving too much away, you will surely know what I am talking about as soon as you see it…

Horror: 6/10

Type: Creepy

Overall: 7/10

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