The Exorcist on TV?

The answer, of course, is yes! You can now watch The Exorcist on television thanks to the FOX network and Morgan Creek Productions. Released on September 23 of this year, it is certainly not too late to hop on board with this epic new thriller show.

FOX’s The Exorcist appears to embark on its own individual story line of a “typical” suburban family with quite a bit of unexpected excitement thrown into their lives.

(For the sake if simplicity I am going to use character names instead of the actors/actresses but feel free to visit the shows page on FOX or IMDB for more detailed information!)

Immediately upon watching the premiere episode, I began to notice similarities with the original movie released in 1973. Angela Rance, wife and mother of two daughters, serves as the new and improved Chris MacNeil as a powerful female figure. The difference being is that Angela still lives with her husband–although his mental state often makes him absent–and she acquired her financial status through business experience rather than acting. Casey Rance gets the unfortunate fortune of being the victim of this demonic possession, making her an older version of Reagan MacNeil, being in her teenage years. The most immediate and noteworthy resemblance I found in the series exists with the two priests tasked with helping the Rance family. Father Tomas mirrors the original Father Karras, while Father Marcus strongly relates to the relatively older and more experienced exorcist Father Merrin from 1973. If you enjoyed the original movie, I urge you to continue watching this series due to there being many more twists connecting this show to the movie that will actually leave you in awe.

Personally, I find this series to be a welcome surprise after American Horror Story became a bit too questionable with their content. So, find your FOX television channel and tune in on Friday nights!

Feel free to read up on my post regarding the original movie that inspired this new series!

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