The Babadook – Um… What?

The Babadook (2014)

Okay, so the premise to this movie might sound a little strange. A character from a children’s book shows up and terrorizes a single-mother her young son…

Samuel, the young boy, is socially awkward and has a hobby for fighting imaginary monsters, so his mom does not believe him at first. However, the “children’s book” takes a dark turn as a stranger seems to make updates to the endings each time they read it, and the “problem child” reveals himself as a bit of a heroic character.

After watching the ending to this movie, I had no clue what just happened, hence the title to this post. It was only until I did some research on other reactions and possible interpretations that I think I [almost] fully understand the movie. Start thinking symbolism, people!

The Babadook is now available for online streaming through Netflix. Check it out!

Horror: 7/10

Type: Creepy

Overall: 8/10

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