Blog Revival!


Good news: I have decided to return to my blog which originally started as a college project in a conglomerate course on writing and web design. Unfortunately, I may be outrageously late to the party with the Halloween craze having just finished.

Regardless of the date being past October 31, the prime-time of scares for the public, my own personal movie viewing experiences have once again inspired me to return to hobby-writing. Having recently graduated from college, I figured that I ought to continue refining my writing skills. What better way to remain active than to write about something I enjoy and experience in my daily life–scary movies!

I will try my best to keep this site updated with opinions and creative summaries of the best–and worst–movies that are even vaguely classified within the horror/thriller genre… maybe even some… dare I say it… Sharknado? (Who said sci-fi thrillers aren’t quality entertainment?)

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