Bates Motel

I’ve recently been looking for shows to watch, now that horror genres are gaining more popularity on television. I watched a few seasons of American Horror Story, which was hit or miss depending on the season. Recently, I came across Bates Motel on Netflix. This series provides the background story to the famous slasher film Psycho from 1960. Norman Bates and his mother take over a shady motel in the country where abnormal occurrences are a part of daily life. I am ashamed to admit I have not yet seen the original movie, but I guess I’ll actually be watching them in chronological order this way!

After watching season 1 of Bates Motel, I’m already hooked. The first episode deals with some pretty heavy subject matter and might disturb some audiences, but it gets easier to watch after that.
The plot progression makes you ally and sympathize with surprising characters in various ways. For instance, murderers and thieves.  (and of course a future serial killer)

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