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Greek Philosophy: A Brief Look and Suggested Reading

Have you ever read a noteworthy book from a previous century or perhaps watched a classic movie when you are struck by the fact that morals or ideas from such an outdated source could serve itself so well to relevance today? If so, and you want to stretch that timeline even further, you may find enjoyment in learning about Greek philosophy as I recently have. Having absolutely no background knowledge of the topic, I found The Greek Philosophers: From Thales to Aristotle by W. K. C. Guthrie provided a substantial introduction without being an overwhelmingly lengthy read. read more

Upward and Onward

A person looking at a chalk board that reads "look forward"

Most writers may agree that sometimes the most difficult step in the writing process is simply getting started. I have to admit, I fall victim to this obstacle on occasion as well, but I’d like to practice breaking through this barrier. After all, writing has been my passion since high school and it can feel both rewarding and therapeutic to express ideas through words.

A thought I have pondered during my hiatus from posting on this website:

  • Where do I want this project to go? What direction should I take my writing and web design in?

Initially, this site was created and maintained for a college course of mine titled Word, Web, and Design. We were instructed to create a personal blog focusing on one specific topic that we were passionate or knowledgeable about. Anyone stumbling upon this page may conclude that my chosen topic involved films and media classified under the horror/thriller genre. read more

“There is nothing to be afraid of.”

The Invitation (2015)

I must admit, I have been regularly searching through Netflix to find new movies to watch and typically found disappointment before defaulting back to watching Always Sunny In Philadelphia episodes for the hundredth time. (For the record, I will never actually get tired of this show.) However, tonight I decided to take a chance on a film which has been saved under my favorites for quite some time–much longer than it should have remained, I now realize.

The Invitation (2015), crafted by Karyn Kusama and Gamechanger Films, is definitely a gem that can be found within the Netflix collection: “While attending a dinner party at his former home, a man thinks his ex-wife and her new husband have sinister intentions for their guests” (IMDB). read more

The Exorcist on TV?

The answer, of course, is yes! You can now watch The Exorcist on television thanks to the FOX network and Morgan Creek Productions. Released on September 23 of this year, it is certainly not too late to hop on board with this epic new thriller show.

FOX’s The Exorcist appears to embark on its own individual story line of a “typical” suburban family with quite a bit of unexpected excitement thrown into their lives.

(For the sake if simplicity I am going to use character names instead of the actors/actresses but feel free to visit the shows page on FOX or IMDB for more detailed information!) read more

Blog Revival!

Good news: I have decided to return to my blog which originally started as a college project in a conglomerate course on writing and web design. Unfortunately, I may be outrageously late to the party with the Halloween craze having just finished.

Regardless of the date being past October 31, the prime-time of scares for the public, my own personal movie viewing experiences have once again inspired me to return to hobby-writing. Having recently graduated from college, I figured that I ought to continue refining my writing skills. What better way to remain active than to write about something I enjoy and experience in my daily life–scary movies! read more

American Horror Story

As I discussed in my recent post about Bates Motel, horror genre television series are gaining traction. This lets me get a weekly dose of my favorite entertainment instead of waiting months for new movies to be released in theaters.

American Horror Story  is done with their fourth season now on FX networks. I have watched episodes from each season, and I highly recommend season 2: Asylum.  You will never be more scared of nuns or mental hospitals.  The other seasons’ focus range from haunted houses, witchcraft, and even the circus if you are looking for a wider variety of settings. read more